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Our Amazing Race

When we left my parents house for the airport the morning of June 18th, we were expecting about 43 hours of travel time before we reached our final destination in Salatiga, Indonesia.


Saying Good-bye at the airport.



We boarded the plane in Dallas to connect to our international flight in San Francisco, and the plane just sat there.  After a 3 hour delay because of winds in San Francisco, we missed our connecting flight.  We were put on standby for the next available flight the next evening, which was overbooked.  Unfortunately, there were NO hotel rooms available in the whole area because of a convention.  We ended up having to spend the night in the airport.  We found a “nursery” room that was fairly quiet and dark and we settled in to rest.


Sleeping at the airport.

Throughout the night Luke was trying to get in contact with our travel agent to see what we could do to get back on track.  The carrier we were on was overbooked for several days, which would have us missing our orientation in Indonesia.  We finally found an agent on the East Coast that started working on our problem and when Idaho woke up, our travel office got involved.  We finally got on another flight around noon to Los Angelas, but not before we had to collect all 12 of our checked bags and pay for them again with another carrier.

IMG_0009[1] IMG_0012[1] IMG_0010[1]

We ended up taking 5 different flights and being in 4 different countries before we finally got to our new home in Indonesia. We had to collect and re-process our bags 3 different times. The whole trip took 62 hours!!

Throughout the trip we felt God’s hand on us in an amazing way.  We could literally feel prayers surrounding us.  God gave us peace and grace for one another.  The children were amazing!  They were troopers and such a big help to us.  Thank you for helping us get to our new home.


Our house while we are in language school

So far we are loving our experience here.  The children have already made Indonesian friends.  Caleb has thrown football with several boys next door and both children are already picking up some Indonesian words.

Each day we have a pretty big reminder of why we are now in Indonesia.  Each morning at 4:20am, at Noon, 3:00 pm, 5 pm and 7pm we hear the Muslim call to prayer over several loud speakers around the neighborhood.  As we listen to the prayers that are broadcast around the city, we feel the urgency of God’s call on our lives.  We long to be “salt and light” in this dark area of the world.  We are excited to get started learning the language and seeing all that God has planned for our future.


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