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“Love Ya” Packages

Getting a package from the U.S. is a big deal!  We have had several people ask about sending us care packages, so we thought we’d put together some information about how to send packages and give some ideas for things that we miss or like. This list will probably change over time and we may add or subtract things as we find them.

1) We have heard from people here that the best way to send a package is by US Postal Service and to use a flat rate box. It takes an average of three to four weeks to get here (no matter what they tell you at the USPS office). So please, no perishable items!

2) Please keep the value of the package under $50.  Taxes and fees can be pretty steep, which we pay for when we pick up the package. If the value is over $50 it would be better to send more than one package than to go over.

3) Take items out of the original outside packaging and take off price stickers and tags.  You can also put food items or small items in a Ziploc bag for extra protection. You will have to fill out a customs form on which you list the items inside the package and their value.  We have heard it suggested using the “garage sale value” of the non-food items, and listing them as “used”.   Once price tags and packaging is removed from an item it is then considered “used”.  Customs laws here assume that things are being mailed here to sell, so they charge heavy taxes and fees for these types of items.

**Thank you to everyone who sent a package while we were in language school.  Each one was special and exciting!

UPDATED IDEA LIST (This list will be updated periodically depending on changing needs)

  • Amazon Gift Certificates (Can be sent via email to
  • Flavored instant oatmeal
  • Beef Jerky
  • Pudding or Jell-O packets
  • Dried cranberries
  • Marshmallows
  • Resolve Stain Stick-solid
  • Boys size 12 jean and gym shorts
  • Small goodies for the kids

Thank you so much for generosity and care for our family. It is such an encouragement and so nice to have a piece of “home” sent to us!

Our Mailing Address:

Luke & Joy Bryant

Kotak Pos 239
Sentani, 99352
Papua Indonesia



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