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Finding Ways to Connect

Language school is a tedious and time-consuming job.  We go to school, do homework and study as much as we can.  We have come to realize how important it is to be able to speak in the heart language of our chosen home.  Becoming friends with our neighbors has been such a wonderful experience.  Not only have they been wonderful helping us learn the language, we have bought birds from a breeder that lives right behind us, had a seamstress make us sheets for sleeping mats, and had many cups of tea and coffee discussing local customs and just trying to form simple sentences.

One way that Joy has connected with the women in our community is to join a group that call themselves “professional mothers”.  This is a group of women who want to better their families and meet together to learn as much as they can.  They have different classes every week and on Saturdays they meet to learn English.  Joy and a couple of other MAF wives have started going to class and helping these women learn English, and in return the women help with their Indonesian language skills.  It has been an encouraging and wonderful way to get to know many other women.  Joy has had opportunities to talk about American customs, Easter and has even been able to explain about her personal relationship with Yesus.  She has learned so much about Muslim women and customs as well.  These meetings have become the highlight of her week.


Women’s Group

Luke has also found ways to interact with the men in the community.  He joins in monthly men’s meetings, where the men plan community projects, catch up with the news and share a meal.  He also frequently visits neighbors and talks with men about coffee, motorcycles and farm animals.  Luke is giving his testimony in Indonesian this week in chapel.  He had an good experience working with a neighbor to correct his Indonesian and prepare it to give on Monday.  We are always excited to see the ways that God opens doors.

This week the men of the community decided that the road in front of our house needed some repairs.  Luke enjoyed working with the crew.

Fixing the Road

Fixing the Road


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