Place of Natural Disasters

15 Feb

Natural disasters are a part of life no matter where you live, but seeing them in a 3rd world country opens your eyes to a lot of new things.  The people here do not have insurance, so when a mud slide comes through your living room, a volcano erupts and wipes out your home, a typhoon sweeps your roof into the sea, or an earthquake cracks through your foundation, it is just gone.  There is nowhere to go and nowhere to sleep.  Your life will never be the same.  Recently, Luke took a 6-day trip to Manado to help with some clean-up from the flood there.  Entire villages were covered in mud and the clean-up efforts seemed endless.  They helped clean a mud slide out of one house and spent time helping a pastor clean up and fix his house.  Below are some of the pictures from his trip.








This week on the Island of Java, Mt. Kelud erupted, killing several and relocating thousands.  Even 260 km away, we had ash fall that kept us inside with doors closed.  It was quite an experience!  

The kids were cooped up too long and had to get out!

The kids were cooped up too long and had to get out!

Our front yard.

Our front yard.

Airport covered in Ash.

Airport covered in Ash.


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