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“Move Again Friend”

Language school is behind us and a whole new set of challenges are ahead.  Many people jokingly refer to MAF as “Move Again Friend”, and we are finding this acronym to be pretty accurate!  The transition from language school in Salatiga on the island of Java to Sentani on the island of Papua has been pretty chaotic for us.  We have found that Papua, Indonesia is very different in many ways.  The culture is different, the language is different, the shopping is different, the weather is different (hot!), and the people even look different.  The children have had a harder time adjusting as well.  Finding the blessings and day to day treasures is a necessity.  We get the privilege of living on the MAF base, which houses most of our staff.  The base sports a large oval of houses with a playground in the middle.  Children have the freedom of playing without parents having to worry about their safety.  The close proximity of other families give a sense of “family” and support here that is very important in this area of the world.  Being on a base requires more creativity in connecting with the local people, but there are opportunities everywhere you go.

Look-out over Sentani and the air strip.

Look-out over Sentani and the air strip.

Sentani is another stop-off point for us.  As the hub of MAF operations in Papua, all of the maintenance and flight check-outs are done here.  We will spend anywhere from 8 months to a year here while they get Luke ready to fly on his own in some of the hardest flight patterns and landing strips in the world.  After his check-out process we will be moving to the mountains in a city only accessible by air, Wamena, Papua.  We are told that Wamena is a beautiful place to live.  The temperatures are cooler as well.  We are looking forward to making this unique city our new home.

Caleb visits Luke in the hanger.

Caleb visits Luke in the hanger.

One perk about living in such a remote island of the world is the amazing display of God’s creation, from the majestic mountains to the gorgeous blue seas and all that lies in them.  We visited one of the beaches that is about an hour from where we live.  We were astonished at the variety of life in the coral reefs as we snorkeled and played.  We did not take as many pictures as we wanted because we were too busy enjoying the day!






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