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Our Christmas Miracle

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. I often think that some miracles are overlooked, because we are too intent on the life that is playing out around us. This year we tried hard to make Christmas festive. We did some baking, played Christmas music, read a Christmas advent story and devotion every day in December until Christmas, and had a great Advent meal with friends. Even though we tried so hard to “make” Christmas, it just didn’t feel like Christmas. We were still in the guest apartment, experiencing 90+ degree weather, still without our own things, and had very few decorations. We were away from family, and even the Christmas packages that were sent had not arrived. Quality toys and games in Papua are pretty much non-existent, or they’re super expensive, so most of the kids Christmas gifts were coming in those packages. It was hard to explain to the kids about not having a lot to open on Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve arrived. As I sat in our living room, under the fan trying to cool off, Luke burst into the room. He was so excited. He told me about a dream that he had the night before. He dreamed that we received a package, so he decided to go check with our mail room once again. After double checking, they found a mail slip that said we had a package waiting at the post office. Luke jumped on the scooter and headed to the post office. The post office was closed, but a door at the back was open. He went in and asked about the package. To his surprise, all four of our packages had arrived and were waiting for us! We could barely contain our joy. Luke had to go to the bank to get the $100 to pay the customs fees, but that was money well spent! It wasn’t the fact that we had gifts, though that was nice. Receiving those packages from the States helped us all feel close to the people we loved. Luke and I spent some time that Christmas Eve praising God for His goodness as we wrapped gifts for the kiddos. We felt blessed, but most of all, we felt remembered. During a season when we felt so alone, God showed us that we were not forgotten. I thought about why we celebrate Christmas and how often Jesus is forgotten in all the celebration. It gave us a renewed desire to spend each and every Christmas season remembering our Savior, as well as others around us.

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